Connecticut High School Fencing Event Registration


The beta version of the Connecticut High School Fencing Registration web site is designed to make the job of organizing fencing competitions a wee bit easier. The home page displays a list of events with links to display who has been registered and links to add fencers to events.

Who can do what:

  • Public - can view the home page and view who has been registered. Click the "List" icon on the home page.
  • Coaches - can register fencers on their team to an event they are competing. Click the "Check" icon on the home page.
  • Coaches - can create new tournaments (team 3x3 or individual), add events and schools to events. Click the "Coaches->Tournament Setup menu items
  • Coaches - can print the scoresheets of registered fencers for team events they are running. Click the "Tools->Print Match Scoresheets".
  • Coaches - can export the registered fencers for a tournament as 'CSV' file. Click the "Tools->Export Tournament Registrations" menu item.
  • Coaches - can manage the team roster. Click the "Coaches->Manage Team" menu item