Renaissance Fencing Competition

The Kings and Queens Rapier Championship will be run at St Bernard High School on March 29 (this Saturday).   The current champion is Don Nathaniel Wyatt aka Coach Young from NFA.  This is a Renaissance style Fencing Tournament featuring the best renaissance fencers from the eastern seaboard.  This is a great opportunity for the ECC fencers and parents to see a bit of what fencing was like in the 1500's.  The organization that is hosting this is the East Kingdom ( of the Society of Creative Anachronism (  A description of the tournament is given at the following web site.  (

  High school fencing has 5 and 15 touch bouts.  This group of fencers mimics reality and have single touch bouts.  They fight with single rapiers, two rapiers, rapier and dagger, rapier and cloak, rapier and shield and a few other forms.  Fencers under the age of 18 may try this out if you bring your jacket, mask, glove and parent.   

Please come out and visit.  The SCA is a very friendly family organization


     $15 for adults   $5 Non-Member Surcharge if you are not a member of the SCA.

     $10 for ages 6-17

      There is food provided for an additional $3.00.


   Everybody is required to wear medieval or renaissance clothes.  Because Coach Young from NFA is helping organize this event anybody not having their own clothes can have clothing made available to them when they get there.

IF you will be attending this event and need  the proper attire contact Coach Mason with the following information:


      Adult or Child (under 12)

      Rough Size    S / M / L  

  To accommodate the easiest outfits bring a leather belt and leave the neon running shoes at home.

Start Times:

    11:00 AM  The pools will start

    2:00 PM  The final 16 will start

    5:00 PM  Court - Presentation of the awards

 Note:  Due to the risk of injury using these weapons there is special training required before a fencer is permitted to compete.  As such you would not be able to participate in the tournament.  However, this is a great opportunity to watch some of the best renaissance fencers in the eastern part of the country and to see what you can do in the future.   There is a youth (under age 18) program for fencers if you are interested in this activity now.

If you are interested in see some fencing here are two YouTube links that will give you an idea.  

Youtube video

Another Youtube